About Us


Tekrain is interested in rendering different tech services

On our radar are: 1. Software development and engineering 2. Web design and development 3. Graphic design 4. Motion Graphics 5. Aniamtion and modelling(2D & 3D) 6. Arificial intelligence services

  • We provide trainings
  • We provide couching
  • We provide consultancy services

We have a lot to offer our world and help our clients to explore the immense potentials of technologies with respect to their businesses.


Its our pleasure to serve you better


Software devlopment


Web development and design


We provide trainings and services in this respects

2D & 3D

We provide 2D & 3D modelling and Animation

Artificial inteligence

This include data science, Machine learning and Deep learning

Others are

Consultancy, Instructing, and trainings